A Slice of Bread

When you’re hungry you start imagining some good food.  For me, there is a place in Port St. Lucie called Tin Fish and they have the best fish tacos I’ve ever had, they’re pretty amazing.

But when you are starving, you forget about what sounds good to you and all you want is something to eat, a simple slice of bread looks just as good as your favorite meal.  And after you eat that simple slice of bread you are incredibly grateful to have eaten it, but you still want more.

This week at Exponential Church we had 28 people in attendance.  That was great.  We had families who were formally first time visitors come back.  We had at least one family start volunteering in our community as part of our 3 Weeks in 3 Months campaign.  We also had a new family come and ask to be baptized so they could be a part of our church.  So all in all, it was a pretty amazing weekend.

I am abashed to say that I was hungry and not starving.

I want to be starving to see God move.  I need to be praising God for what He did and still yearning for more instead of drinking the church-growth kool-aid and wondering why He didn’t do more (how silly).  When we starve to see God move in our lives, when we are that passionate about His power and will being done in us, then when God moves we see it for what it really is, HUGE.

Did thousands of people come through our doors this weekend?  No.  But some did.  Lives are being touched, changed, and altered to the glory of God and if we fail to see the mighty hand of God in that and be so humbled as to praise Him all the more then we stand in a place where God needs to humble us.  Better we humble ourselves and give Him a big, “Thank You!”

God is amazing.  God is actually bringing real flesh and blood people to Exponential Church.  He’s bringing them and using them.  Praise God for that; who am I that He should use me for such work?  I am grateful, and now I want to be a part of Exponentially more.

Let’s get over our hunger and start starving for the power of God in our lives to change the lives of others.

O God Grow Us.


You can listen to this week’s sermon by clicking here: How to Church – Audit


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